All lectures are held at 5 Lad Lane, Dublin 2


Our timetables are available on our website:


You will not be required to use a student card for the college. However, you can request one by emailing and attaching a photo (jpeg file).


We would advise you to check the screen at reception for up to date details for each.


You can access your receipt/invoice by logging into your account via the following instructions:


Log into your account using your username (email address) and password; you will be able to access all of your invoices/receipts there.


Please note that if you have selected ‘Invoice My Employer’ as your method of payment, you will need to email an employer sponsorship form to

The form should be signed or stamped by your employer; we cannot give out books or let you attend the lectures until the signed form has been submitted.

The Employer Sponsorship Form can be downloaded here;


Please bring your order confirmation email with you when collecting your books


If you need to amend any of your contact details, please log into your account via the following instructions:


Log into your account using your username (email address) and password; go to ‘My account’ and click on edit your password and account details. 


  1. Dublin Bus

Stop 784 (Baggot St/Fitzwilliam St) is located within a 1 minute walk to the college.

Services Bus numbers: 37,38, 38A ,39, 39A, 70, 67x, 25x

Stop 409 (Merrion Sq/Holles Street) is located within a 7 minute walk to the college.

Services Bus numbers: 4,7,7a

  1. Luas

15 minute walk to the Luas at Charlemont Place or Stephens’ Green

  1. Dart

15 minutes to the Dart Station at Pearse Street.


Students who have registered and selected ‘Invoice My Employer’ as the method of payment:

  • You must submit an Employer Sponsorship Form to at your earliest convenience
  • This can be downloaded from here:


  • The form must be filled in, signed and stamped by your employer
  • You cannot collect books OR attend classes until your sponsorship form has been submitted to
  • Therefore, we advise you to print this form and submit to the Finance Department as soon as you register

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on


There is limited on-street parking for free from 6:30pm Monday to Friday.

Saturdays and Sundays, there is free car parking all day on 5 Lad Lane, Baggot Street, Dublin 2, but please note spaces are limited.

NB: As of 31st August 2016, Q-Park Stephen’s Green and Q-Park Clery’s have deactivated all student top cards. Please note that all new students and returning students will have to reactivate or get a new one with a valid student ID at Q-Park Stephen’s Green or Q-Park Clery’s ONLY.

Fleet Street (Park Rite)

Fleet Street Car Park offers the following discount. Please present an Accountancy School student card to avail of the discount.

Park Rite has a range of great parking offers and discounts in their car parks. This includes the Affinity programme with Dublin city centre parking for just €2 per hour for older persons and students. They also have discounted contract, evening and weekend rates.

Dublin city centre parking for older persons and students for just €2 per hour and €10 per day click here for details.


Students can avail of the following discount from Q-Park Stephen’s Green, Q-Park Setanta and now Q-Park Clery’s. From September 1st, you will be required to use a Q-Park Student Top-Up Card. You can get these cards in the car parks from September 1st; please present your student card to the car park attendant. The top up cards will be programmed with the student rate on them and you can top-up with credit at the pay stations as you require. You can also use these cards to enter and exit the car park so no more need for paper tickets or validators. It will create a seamless parking experience for all.

Please bear in mind that the car parks are not always manned throughout the night, so you are encouraged to checkout the website to make sure there will be staff on-site to in order to obtain a student top up card.

  Rates from September 1st
Q-Park Stephen’s Green
7am – 6pm €2.50 per hour max €8
4pm – Midnight €3.50 flat rate
24hrs €15
Q-Park Clery’s
7am – 7pm €2.50 per hour max €8
4pm – Midnight €3.50 flat rate
24hrs €12.50
Q-Park Setanta
4pm – Midnight €3.50 flat-rate
Day Rate None Available



Please read carefully prior to your upcoming ACCA Computer-based Exam (F1-F4)

CBE Student Information



(ACCA Material will be available from mid-July for September courses only, December students can collect from 22nd August)

Please Note: Your Main Study Text may now be provided for you by email, in E-Book format as Lecturers have decided there is little need for this in class. Lecture notes, Revision Materials, etc will all be available in hard copy.

Books can be collected Monday – Thursdays 10:00am – 6:30pm only

In order to collect your books, please read the instructions below:

You must bring a copy of your order confirmation email in order to collect your books.

Books will only be given out if

  • you show your order confirmation email as this shows fees are paid
  • you have emailed us with a signed employer sponsorship form (

Please see Employer Sponsorship tab for all instructions on Employer Sponsorship


Material will be handed out in classroom and for Online students, material will be uploaded to your Moodle account on the week of your selected course.


Free delivery is available for Online students only.

All other students can avail of book delivery for a fee of €15, please contact admin staff to arrange.

If you are overseas, you can also avail of free delivery, please be aware this may take up to ten working days to deliver. If you wish to organize international delivery by courier, please contact admin staff, please note significant charges will apply.

Students claiming Retaker or Unemployed discount will not receive the Main Study Text as part of their study material.

It can be purchased for an additional €30. Before buying you should discuss with the lecturer whether a study text is required for the lectures, as many lecturers work mostly from their course notes.

Please note you need to submit a copy of your results to the office when registering for a Retaker Course