ACCA – Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants

ACCA is a globally recognised accountancy qualification. It is a badge of quality and professionalism that ensures your knowledge and skills are of the highest standard.

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Applied Knowledge Level

ACCA Knowledge level is the first level of the ACCA qualification and consists of three modules:

BT – Business in Technology

MA – Management Accounting

FA – Financial Accounting.

Once a student has passed these three exams, they can progress onto ACCA Skills level.

Applied Skills Level

ACCA Skills level is the second level in the ACCA qualification and comprises six modules and exams. This level is open to students who have completed the Knowledge level or gained exemptions from the Knowledge level through relevant study, such as completing a relevant degree.

LW- Corporate Law

PM- Performance Management

TX – Taxation

FR – Financial Reporting

AA – Audit & Assurance

FM – Financial Management

Strategic Professional Level

ACCA Strategic Professional level is the final level of the ACCA qualification. This level is open to students who have passed relevant ACCA exams or who have a relevant degree/masters.


SBL – Strategic Business Leader

SBR – Strategic Business Reporting


AFM- Advanced Financial Management

APM – Advanced Performance Management

ATX – Advanced Taxation

AAA – Advanced Audit & Assurance

You must sit the essential paper and then choose two papers from the options

In addition students must complete an online Ethics and Professional Skills module and complete their Practical Experience Requirement record before they can progress to ACCA membership.

New to ACCA/Accountancyschool.ie?

Your first step needs to be contacting ACCA to become a registered member before you can start any studies for their qualification. Please contact them directly regarding registration and exemptions procedures:


Once you are fully registered with ACCA, you can register with us for your tuition.

If you don’t have any exemptions, you will need to begin with the Applied Knowledge papers (AB, MA and FA).

These first three exams are on-demand and computer-based (CBEs). To book your exam, please see below:


We offer BT, MA and FA courses three times per year. Please note they do not fall under the four exam sittings (March, June, September and December) as the exams are taken on demand (you can sit them anytime during the year).

Once you have completed these exams, you can move onto the Applied Skills papers, these are examined four times a year, March, June, September and December.

ACCA Requirements

In order to achieve the ACCA Qualification, students have to:

  • complete a maximum of 13 exams, depending on prior qualifications
  • complete an Ethics and Professional Skills module
  • evidence three years of practical work experience within a relevant role

ACCA offer you various entry points on to the ACCA Qualification depending on your previous academic qualifications.

Minimum Requirement

If you have two A Levels and three GCSEs in five separate subjects including English and maths (or equivalent qualifications), you can start your studies at the ACCA Qualification

If you do not meet the minimum entry requirements to start the ACCA Qualification, then you will need to apply for Foundations in Accountancy or the Diploma in Accounting and Business and take some or all of these awards before continuing with the ACCA Qualification

ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business

FBT      Business & Technology

FMA      Management Accounting

FFA       Financial Accounting



If you have a relevant degree from a university accredited by ACCA, then you may not need to take all of the ACCA Qualification exams. Nine exams at the Fundamentals level of the ACCA Qualification are eligible for exemption. You cannot claim exemptions from any exams at the Professional level.

Only ACCA can confirm if you are entitled to any exemptions. For more information please clink on the link below

ACCA Global Exemptions

ACCA Exam Entry 

The key changes to the exam entry process are the addition of an early exam entry period to the standard and late exam entry periods which already exist and combined initial application with exam entry for students who apply online.

These changes and new dates will impact on when potential students should submit their initial application to ACCA. Students can now choose to submit an initial application at any time. However their application must be received by ACCA in plenty of time for ACCA to process it in respect of their chosen exam entry period. ACCA’s guideline is that initial applications should be received at least 20 days in advance of the published exam entry period closing dates.

Key Dates – Click here to see ACCA exam dates and application deadlines


ACCA Full Course Fees

Applied Knowledge
Full Course: €610 per subject

Applied Skills
Full Course: €855 per subject

Strategic Professional
Full Course: €995 per subject
SBL Subject Full Course: €1,265
(Full course fees include lectures, course materials, revision course and mock exam.)

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ACCA Revision Only Course Fees

Applied Knowledge
Revision Course: €235 per subject
Applied Skills
Revision Course: €345 per subject
Strategic Professional
Revision Course: €410 per subject
SBL Revision Course: €510
(Revision only course fees include revision course, revision materials, and a mock exam.)

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ACCA Discounts – New Multi Buy Options

We are delighted that AccountancySchool.ie is continuing the multiple booking discount offer, applicable on all ACCA Full Course  subjects.

  • Book 1 Full Course and get the second half price
  • Book 2 Full Courses and get a 75% discount on the 3rd
  • Book 3 Full Courses and get the 4th free.
  • Online Classroom counts as a full course for these discounts

*In order to avail of the discount subjects must be taken in the same Exam sitting. The discount is applied on a single order and single sitting basis in the form of a 25% deduction on all Full Courses purchased when your order contains more than one full course. 

  • We offer a Discount for repeat and unemployed students but cannot be counted as a full course for the above offer.

Video Presentations

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