Reasons to study at

  • We have a superb team of lecturers
  • We are an ACCA Platinum approved college for online courses.
  • BPP Platinum approved materials
  • All courses are streamed live and recorded for review in your own time
  • Excellent pass rates
  • Extensive use of practice questions including past exam questions
  • Easy access to lecturers
  • Exam focused lecture notes
  • Revision courses are included in the price.
  • Mock exams are included in the price.
  • Thorough coverage of all topics on the syllabus.
  • Testimonials from previous students

Online Classroom – Anytime, Any Place, Anywheredesktop

All of our courses streamed live through our Online Classroom and recordings of the sessions can be viewed at anytime during the course.

What does it mean?question mark

You can participate by joining live online through our Moodle platform or you can watch the recordings at a later date. You receive materials, notes and tutor support as part of your course.

wifiHow do I access?

Once registered you have full access to the course through our Asmoodle learning management system. Classes are scheduled and available through the platform. Once the class is finished, the recording will be available to view at any time during the duration of the course.

Globe-iconWhere can I access from?

You can access from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and are registered for the relevant course.

What does it look like?player img 2

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Benefits of Studying with usaschool

• Qualified and experienced lecturers

• Extensive lectures/contact hours

• Structured delivery of the course helps maximise probability of passing each examinations

• Thorough coverage of topics covered on ACCA syllabus

• Ongoing Question Based Assessments*

• 50% discount to resit students and to those unemployed at the time of booking (T&Cs apply)

• Extensive use of practice questions including past exam questions

• Easy access to lecturers

• Quality study materials provided at the beginning of the course

• Weekly Homework set and corrected with feedback from the lecturer

• Mock exams with feedback


You can also contact us with any further queries at

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