This seminar will provide a broad groundwork in the principles of Corporate Recovery & Insolvency. Attendees will gain a thorough overview of the main corporate insolvency principles and processes and covering a range of corporate insolvency procedures.

Our expert speaker will Speakers will use practical examples and case studies to illustrate how the main Irish insolvency procedures work in practice and will highlight the key changes that the Companies Act 2014 brought to Corporate Insolvency.

Programme Outline

  • Early stage warning signs
  • Methods which every business should implement to protect themselves in the current environment
  • Is a company viable?
  • If it is not viable – Is Examinership and / or other options for Corporate Recovery suitable
  • If liquidation is inevitable, how best to organise a liquidation which will have the minimum impact for creditors, directors and shareholders.
  • Section 682 reporting and the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement
  • Personal liability of directors
  • The implications of a failing business for your Client and their business
  • How to minimise the effect of insolvency on personal assets
  • How to recover from liquidation and to use it as a platform for the future
  • Receiverships

Date: Tuesday 12th June 2018

Venue:, 5 Lad Lane, Dublin 2

Cost:  €110

Duration: 9.30am to 12.30pm (3 hours)

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Presenter – Tom Murray FCCA, CPA, PIP, Dip. Forensic Accounting, MII Approved Mediator

Tom Murray is one of Ireland’s most experienced corporate recovery and turnaround practitioners and was one of the first Personal Insolvency Practitioners licensed in Ireland.  Tom has been appointed either Liquidator, Examiner and Receiver to over 500 companies since 2008 and has few peers in terms of geographical, legal and sectoral experience. He has contributed technical articles on Corporate Recovery and Insolvency for the magazines of the three leading Accountancy bodies in Ireland. He has made numerous media appearance as an Insolvency expert and has appeared on RTE’s main news bulletins, TV3, Sky News, Newstalk and Today FM for comments on insolvency issues and business matters