“How to build and maintain a strong and successful network”

All successful leaders have great networks.  Your network is key to your career and your business success.  On this course, you’ll learn how to build and leverage a strong personal network.  We’ll help you identify the key people to network with.  You’ll explore key networking challenges and how to overcome them.  We’ll share tips and best practices with you on getting in contact with people you don’t know and how you can secure and run really successful first meetings with them. We’ll also give you practical ideas on how to maintain your network despite your busy schedule.


This course is aimed at anyone who’d like to build a stronger and more successful business network, irrespective of your experience or background.

Programme outline

  • Why bother networking?
  • Who should I be networking with?
  • Networking challenges and how to overcome them
  • Best practice tips in building a strong and successful personal network
  • Getting meetings with people I don’t know very well
  • Making first meetings a lot more successful…. for you and for them!
  • Finding time for networking in my busy schedule

Date:   Tuesday 24th April

Venue:, 5 Lad Lane, Dublin 2

Duration: 6pm to 9pm (3 hours)

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DH photo 14Presenter – Derek Howard (ACA), CEO of ‘The Customer’

He has over 20 years’ experience as a sales and marketing consultant, trainer and an executive coach. Derek has developed and delivered training programmes and coaching throughout Europe on networking, relationship building, pitching, fee negotiation and key account management. He has trained over 1,500 people in Ireland and across Europe on ‘Developing your personal network’ over the last few years and it’s by far his most popular training programme.


Derek also coaches and advises senior executives and their teams on their people engagement, talent development and communication strategies. Derek is also a qualified accountant (ACA) and spent 23 years with PwC in a number of senior Business Development & Marketing roles.