Sean McLoughney, founder of LearningCurve, is a sought after learning and development specialist, author and speaker. Recently he reached a new milestone of 12 years in business and has helped over 10000 professionals at every level to improve their performance. In addition to his work with LearningCurve Sean is a senior lecturer (Accountant in Business – ACCA) as well as a senior lecturer for IPASS. He also wrote, designed and delivers the highly successful Diploma in Managing People for the Chartered Accountants Ireland.

Sean is an internationally published author. His first book “Slave to the Clock, Master of Time” helps you to improve your time management skills. Slave to a Job, Master of your Career is his second book and it outlines how people can plan and progress their careers, even in these challenging times. Sean’s third book “Meaningful Performance Reviews” is published by Chartered Accountants Ireland.

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