“I am Brazilian, I arrived in Ireland last year, I started working in the accounting area this year and F6-Taxation was my first course to try the ACCA. I was afraid to start the ACCA course and exams due to my not fluent English, but I was surprised by myself and the course. I found the classes well elaborated and the subjects well divided. The material very well done which made me learn fast and develop my English, even that is not the main objective of my going to the course. For me it was a two in one, I developed my English and my knowledge in Taxation was very well consolidated. As for Professor Sandra, I thought she was sensational. Super intelligent, humorous and punctual. As I said, I was afraid of English, but in the first class I felt that I would get by the pronunciation of her English. It may sound silly to some, but that counts for students of foreign languages. Thank you for the course.”