This is my fifth time to get first place in Ireland on the ACCA exams. I have studied my last two ACCA exams with accountancy school and compared with my previous study experience. These two exams’ preparation were the most efficient and I got first place for both exams, I just followed these lectures and did some practice required and also mock exams in ACCA platform, even not going through all the questions in the exam kit book. In all the exams before I always went through all the questions in the Kaplan and BPP exam kits, I also got first place in the other three F level exams, but spent much more time practicing. I should find accountancy earlier and the top class lectures are really easy to understand and fun to study. My tutor Liam for AFM and Michael for AAA are really experienced and know exactly all the ACCA exam requirements, and these tips in the lectures are really helpful in the real exam. And their language is really easy to understand for students who use English as a second language. I can’t wait to recommend to all my friends who need to do the ACCA exam.

Many Thanks for the and all the tutors, now I have cleared all my ACCA exams, and hope all the other students in get successful in  their own exams.