“I have sat eight ACCA exams so far and studied with AccountancySchool for each of them. I have had several 1st in Ireland placings as well as a 1st in the World placing and that is in large part due to their fantastic lecturers, excellent study materials and their helpful and responsive admin team. I am absolutely delighted that I chose AccountancySchool as my learning provider. 

I am very grateful to Mick Bristow as his Performance Management classes were informative and interactive which helped me gain a greater understanding of the subject and his feedback on homework helped me to focus on areas where I needed improvement. This is my second time getting a first in Ireland placing on one of Mick’s courses which is a testament to what a brilliant lecturer he is. 

I look forward to continuing my ACCA journey with AccountancySchool.”

Lorna Forde – First in Ireland PM March 2023

“I would like to say a big thank you to Liam Doran for all his help during the SBR course. His teaching methods and feedback made the material understandable by highlighting real world examples. I would also like to thank Accountancy School for their continued support and professionalism throughout my ACCA journey.” 

Aoife Fairbrother – First in Ireland SBR March 2023

“My experience studying for SBL with Shane O’Grady was extremely enjoyable, and his track record leaves no doubt that the way to pass SBL is to follow his advice. I am delighted to be one of his many prize winning students. This is my second time achieving an ACCA award studying with Accountancy School, which is a testament to their excellent tuition. I have sat all my exams with Accountancy School and could not recommend them more to all ACCA students, especially those facing into SBL.”

James Doyle – First in Ireland SBL March 2023

“A big thank you to Liam. His teaching method that were primarily focused on questions from the get go have been the most effective in helping me get up to speed and understanding the subject well. I’ve been out of the routine of studying for awhile so glad that I was able to pick it back up through his guidance and classes.

It was challenging in the beginning to dive right into questions the first few classes but as I practice them, it came together well alongside the help of the revision classes.”

Cherie Quah – First in Ireland AFM March 2023

“Having studied Financial Accounting with Dave last year, I decided to once again attend his classes for the Financial Reporting exam. Dave broke down the details of the subject and made sure that you understood what you were doing and why you were doing it. He also placed a strong focus on exam questions from the very beginning, which definitely paid off when it came to exam time!”

Abigail Coates – First in Ireland FR March 2023

“I decided to study with due to their record of students who had placed 1st in Ireland and placed worldwide in the ACCA exams. I am absolutely delighted with my choice and every course I have done so far has been taught by excellent tutors who have been approachable, helpful and very knowledgeable. I have achieved high marks in all my exams so far thanks to the help and instruction of the tutors. 

I am particularly grateful to Michael Donnelly. The way Michael teaches Audit and Assurance breaks down the questions in a really helpful way and he shows how to achieve high marks in his sample answers. He was very encouraging during our classes and I look forward to studying AAA with him next year. During the course we were able to submit questions for marking which really helped me to see areas that needed improvement and the feedback was really useful. I am so happy to have achieved 1st place worldwide in AA and it wouldn’t have been possible without Michael and”

Lorna Forde – First in the World AA December 2022
“This is my second time writing one of these testimonials with the first being for SBR in June 2022. This time is for both AAA and AFM in December 2022 which speaks volumes about the quality of the lecturers, Michael and Liam, and also AccountancySchool itself. The school is consistent in its students placing first in Ireland and globally and I am sure this will continue into the future.
All 12 of my ACCA exams have been with and all 12 have been successful the first time around. I want to sincerely thank all at the school for their hard work and dedication over the last 3 years, it has been a pleasure!”
David Bartley – First in Ireland AAA (Joint 1st) and AFM December 2022

“I achieved 1st in Ireland and 5th globally in the December SBR exam, having previously achieved 1st in Ireland and 3rd globally in Financial Management. I would not have been able to achieve this without the help and guidance of the lecturers and team at 

Each lecturer at the school has been exceptional, their teaching style, depth of knowledge, course materials and commitment to students is sure to set all students up for success. The support teams at the school are equally exceptional, always on hand to answer question and ensure you are quickly set up with your course and have the correct material. 

Liam who lectures on SBR provides direct feedback on homework questions which helps ensure you learn what you need to score marks in the exam. Dave who lectures on FR did an exceptional job at setting a foundation of the accounting standards which also served me well in SBR.

I couldn’t recommend enough and am glad I choose the  school as my learning provider for my ACCA exams.”

Adam Sheehan – First in Ireland SBR December 2022

“I could not recommend the entire team at Accountancy School enough. This is my 6th time studying with them and I intend on completing the remainder of my ACCA journey with Accountancy School. 

Michael Donnelly broke down the long questions of the exam excellently, ensuring all of us knew the marking schemes and the relevant information to put down to achieve desired marks. This is something I never would have known had I not completed the lectures with him. He made difficult concepts seem less daunting by using every day examples. Michael and the whole team made the process of studying Audit & Assurance easier, with continuous support in correcting homework questions and a mock exam. These resources are crucial in ACCA exam preparation.  I cannot thank Michael enough and I look forward to studying AAA with him in 2023.”

Molly McKenna – First in Ireland AA September 2022

“A testament to the hard work of Liam Doran, Dave O’Donoghue and all at that I could achieve 1st in Ireland and 8th in the world in the latest SBR exam sitting.

Fantastic news to receive after passing my final two exams a couple of weeks ago

Also, a massive thanks to the whole team at for their support over the past two years to get me through the ACCA programme passing all the exams at the first attempt.”

Brian O’Leary – First in Ireland SBR September 2022