“I could not recommend the entire team at Accountancy School enough. This is my 6th time studying with them and I intend on completing the remainder of my ACCA journey with Accountancy School. 

Michael Donnelly broke down the long questions of the exam excellently, ensuring all of us knew the marking schemes and the relevant information to put down to achieve desired marks. This is something I never would have known had I not completed the lectures with him. He made difficult concepts seem less daunting by using every day examples. Michael and the whole team made the process of studying Audit & Assurance easier, with continuous support in correcting homework questions and a mock exam. These resources are crucial in ACCA exam preparation.  I cannot thank Michael enough and I look forward to studying AAA with him in 2023.”

Molly McKenna – First in Ireland AA September 2022

“A testament to the hard work of Liam Doran, Dave O’Donoghue and all at that I could achieve 1st in Ireland and 8th in the world in the latest SBR exam sitting.

Fantastic news to receive after passing my final two exams a couple of weeks ago

Also, a massive thanks to the whole team at for their support over the past two years to get me through the ACCA programme passing all the exams at the first attempt.”

Brian O’Leary – First in Ireland SBR September 2022

” I’d like to thank Dave and the team at for fantastic support throughout the lectures and revision sessions.

Dave’s concentration on exam questions and exam technique was vital to my success, and his responsiveness to queries – in both the lectures and by email, was greatly appreciated!

The support team assisted very quickly in granting access to the exam practice platform, which was an invaluable resource for me in preparing for the exam. also provided an abundance of online resources, through the Tenjin platform, which allowed me to monitor my progression throughout the various parts of the syllabus.

Overall, I can’t recommend the highly enough, and I look forward to studying with them for the exams still to come! “


Diarmuid O’Connor – First in Ireland FR September 2022


“A big thank you to Michael Barry and all the team at Accountancy School who made this possible. Michael’s breakdown of the marking scheme and timing was invaluable and his feedback on my homework really helped me develop my answers for the exam. The homework platform was great as it forced me to practice my timing and improve my speed. The constant interaction and support from Michael and all lecturer’s at makes them top class!”

Fiona Gath – First in Ireland APM September 2022

“I was ranked 1st in Ireland, 4th Worldwide in the most recent SBR exam while studying with Liam Doran and I’ve sat 10 of 12 exams with on ACCA journey this far passing each at the first attempt and I’ve booked my last 2 with to see out my qualification.

As difficult as the ACCA is, the lecturers’ teaching method, resources, and support make it much more manageable and effective. The blended learning also enables a much more flexible approach and strikes a nice balance between work and study. I’ve no doubt that if you are looking at completing the ACCA qualification then is the place to do it.

Many thanks again to Liam, the School, and BDO Ireland for their continuous support, here’s to finishing the last 2 exams!”

David Bartley – First in Ireland SBR June 2022

“Knowing that I’m giving myself the best possible chance of getting the pass by studying with Accountancy School greatly reduces my exam stress. I couldn’t recommend Michael Donnelly’s AA course more and I look forward to tackling AAA with him next June.”

James Doyle – First in Ireland AA June 2022

” I have self-studied for both the applied knowledge and skills and for two strategic professional exams. In the first course with I have been placed 1st in Ireland and 5th in the world.

Liam knows how a good exam should be prepared and his experience provided me with the necessary to excel in the exam. Thanks again to Liam and my employer Cloudera for the continuous support.”

Angel Pedroche Solano – First in Ireland AFM June 2022

“I have achieved 1st place in Ireland for my last three exams while studying with It is thanks to the fact that these classes are available online that I have access to the excellent quality notes books and knowledgeable lecturers for which I am very grateful. 

Dave O’Donoghue has been so helpful while studying for the Financial Reporting exam. His lectures were always interesting and have been so useful. I couldn’t recommend Dave O’Donoghue and enough and look forward to continuing my ACCA journey with them.”

Lorna Forde – First in Ireland FR June 2022

“I could not recommend all the team at Accountancy School enough, especially Michael Donnelly for his expertise on the Audit and Assurance exam. The lecturers provide you with unlimited resources to pass each paper and are great at explaining the difficult concepts. The online lectures are a great tool and their flexibility made the process a lot easier.”

Thomas Quigley – First in Ireland AA June 2022

“Accountancy School had been part of my ACCA journey and I would highly recommend for those who are on theirs. I will be eternally grateful for all support received from all lecturers and staff.

A huge thank you to Michael for APM lecture and for all encouragement and attention on the assignment feedback comments in which was very important for me.”

Bruna Ferreira – First in Ireland APM June 2022