Grant Thornton Mock Exam Review

To access your online Mock Exam Review please click on the link below. You must enter your full name for attendance check. Please note the link below goes live on the day of class so it is not currently active.

Online Classroom Grant Thornton Mock Exam Review

Instructions to join Grant Thornton Mock Exam Review Virtual Classroom

Step 1

Step 2

  • Click on the online classroom link above to open the meeting
  • Click on Guest, type your Full Name then click on Enter Room. (**Please note that your name will be checked against the attendance sheet**)
  • Click on “Open” from the popup window (some devices will open automatically)
  • The below screen will open when the meeting link is clicked



Contact if you have any questions or difficulties.

Call us on 01 906 1000. Please note this number is only active during the live stream!



Ethernet Connection

Improving your internet connection can be a crucial step in taking your live stream to the next level. Switching from WiFi to a wired LAN can vastly improve connection speed and therefore the quality and reliability of your live stream.

In addition to people and things that can interfere with the strength of the WiFI connection, your computer is periodically scanning for new WiFI networks even though it is already connected. This can cause dips in your connection speed and reliability on WiFi.

This does not make your internet speed faster, but the wired LAN will give you a faster, consistent local connection and more usable bandwidth between you and the router which is why a wired connection is better!

Proximity to WiFi Signal

If you can’t connect with the Ethernet cable then another tip is being as close as possible to the signal. It seems pretty obvious but some people overlook the fact that actually broadcasting closer to your WiFi connection will strengthen your stream and cause less connection problems.

Getting closer to the router is also ideal because it offers less opportunity to have the signal blocked. If you are three rooms away from the router that signal has to travel through three walls to connect. Whereas if you are sitting across the table from the router, it will connect a lot easier and you will have a more reliable stream.