1. Your first step needs to be contacting ACCA to become a registered member before you can start any studies for their qualification. Please contact them directly regarding registration and exemption procedures: http://www.accaglobal.com/en/qualifications/glance/acca/dates.html
  2. Once you are fully registered with ACCA, you can register with us for your tuition.
  3. If you don’t have any exemptions, you will need to begin with the Applied Knowledge papers (AB, MA and FA).
  4. These first three subjects are marked by ‘on-demand’, Computer Based Exams(CBEs)
  5. You book your own exam whenever suits you, please see: https://theexamcentre.ie/acca-cbe-accountancy-school
  6. We offer AB, MA and FA courses three times per year. Please note they do not fall under the four exam sittings (March, June, September and December) as the exams are ‘on demand’ (you can sit them anytime during the year that suits you, as many times as you wish).
  7. Once you have completed these exams, you can move onto the Applied Skills papers, these are examined four times a year, March, June, September and December.
  8. The exams for these papers are booked and paid for directly with ACCA through your MyACCA account.
  9. March and September are intensive sittings with courses run over a 6 week period, often 2 evenings per week and a week-end day
  10. June and December are sittings which allow for courses to be run over a 12 week period, often 1 evening per week and occasional week-end days