New to managing a team

Congratulations on becoming a manager, all your hard work has paid off. So, what happens next!! For many people, they are left alone to find their way, it’s a sink or swim scenario. For others, they will join Sean McLoughney on the “New to managing a team – my first 100 days” workshop. This workshop will help accountants who are new to managing people to put a plan in place and gives them some frameworks and techniques to manage their new team.

In reality, most people who are new to the role of managing people will struggle with the transition from one of the team to the leader of the team, it’s a normal reaction. By joining their peers on this workshop, they will be able to discuss common issues and challenges and more importantly leave with a practical 100-day action plan.

Programme Outline

  • Review your new role; how this impacts each team; challenges that you face and how to overcome them
  • Different personality types within your teams, how to manage each personality and the best approach to communicating with each person
  • What’s happening within the team, Tuckman stages of team development, how to move the team through each stage and communicating your vision for the team
  • Clarity around standards, goals and expectations that builds engagement
  • Create a feedback culture within the team
  • Establish your “ways of working” for the team, your style of management and managing expectations
  • Agreeing your 100-day action plan.

Date: Thursday 12th April

Venue:, 5 Lad Lane, Dublin 2

Duration: 9.30am to 12.30pm (3 hours)

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Séan McLoughney Headshot

Presenter – Sean McLoughney

Sean McLoughney, founder of LearningCurve, is a sought after learning and development specialist, author and speaker. Since 2001 has helped over 16000 professionals at every level improve their performance. As a successful author Sean has been published internationally. He has written three books and numerous articles. His first book “Slave to the Clock, Master of Time” helps you improve your time management skills and he also delivers the popular time management course “Planning your day to achieve your Business Results” based on his book.  “Slave to a Job, Master of your Career”, his second book, outlines how people can plan and progress their career. His third book “Meaningful Performance Reviews” helps you to improve the performance of your team by having regular meaningful performance review meetings.