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December 2019 ACCA Exams

Our students have performed phenomenally well at the December 2019 sitting. Our students achieved the Irish Top Placed Students award for Performance Management (PM), Financial Reporting (FR), Financial Management (FM), Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) and all 4 of the Option Papers  Advanced Financial Management (AFM), Advanced Performance Management (APM), Advanced Taxation (ATX) and Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA). In addition Ciara Falls was placed 3rd in the World in Strategic Business Leader (SBL). Well done to all our prize winners, awards and photos to follow ………

March 2020 ACCA Exams

SBR – First place in Ireland Eight times in a row, congratulations to Nikolaj Perekotij who was 1st in Ireland and 3rd in the World. Nikolaj was a student of Liam Dorans’ SBR Class.

The AAA top placed Irish student for the March 2020 ACCA exams was a student of Michael Donnelly’s at She joins the recent top placed prize-winners for AAA from December 2019, June 2019, March 2019, September 2018 and June 2018.

More to follow…

December 2020 ACCA Exams

FR – Michael Gardiner (1st in Ireland, 19th World Placing)

AA – Manami Molloy (1st in Ireland, 13th World Placing)

FM – Breda Hanley (1st in Ireland, 21st World Placing)

TX – Kristel Aguila (1st in Ireland, Joint 12th World Placing)

TX – Bruna Estefana De Paula Ferreira (1st in Ireland, Joint 12th World Placing)

APM – Nikolaj Perekotij (1st in Ireland, 6th World Placing)

SBL – Fearghus Mahon (1st in Ireland, 3rd World Placing)

SBR – Kelsey Aspell (1st in Ireland, 6th World Placing)

Group Photo of all 1st Place Prizewinner Sept 16 – June 17

Group Shot of all 1st Prizewinners with Lecturers Sept 16 – June 17

P5 Prizewinners Rachel Dempesey & Hazel Bell with Lecturer

Group photo of F5 Prizewinners David Byrne (June 17) & Andrea Orosz (March 17)

1st in Irel P4 March 17 Henry Bridge with Lecturer Liam Doran

1st in IRE P4 Alison Morris with Lecturer Liam Doran

1st in IRE P2 Joseph Walsh with Lecturer Liam Doran

1st in IRE F5 Andrea Orosz with Lecturer Mick Bristow

1st in IRE P5 Hazel Bell with ACCA President John Gaynor

1st in IRE P1 Roxanna Baratu with Lecturer Shane O Grady

1st in IRE F8 Andreea Cristina Disca with Lecturer Dave O Donoghue

1st in IRE F5 David Byrne with Lecturer Mick Bristow

1st in IRE P5 Rachel Dempsey with Lecturer Mick Bristow June 17

1st in IRE P4 Phelim O Reilly with Lecturer Liam Doran

1st in the World and Top Affiliates in Ireland

P4 1st in Ireland – P5 Joint 1st in Ireland