At we respect your privacy and only collect information in compliance with relevant legislation.

Personal Information?
We do not collect information unless specifically required to administer your course. Any cloud data is under the control of


Some ‘session’ cookies are used to track page visits on the site, no information is retained once the session is ended. No profiling or marketing is done using cookies.


Access to information
Please contact us at should you wish to request access or amendment, deletion of your data. Information can be deleted on request as long as it is not in breach of any laws.

Direct marketing
We only send direct marketing information to those people on our subscribed list, you can update your details or unsubscribe from the list at any time through our website.


We take all relevant security measures to ensure any data collected is correct and legally compliant.


For registered ACCA students only, we share your details with ACCA in relation to the Result Service. The Result Service is the mechanism of gathering students data to allow for the analysis the pass rates by ACCA for our Platinum status